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The Best Guide To Shower vs Bathtub Resale Value 2023

Before you make the big decision to place your home on the market, consider which features will add more value. If you’re deliberating over a bathroom renovation, it might be difficult to decide whether a shower or bathtub would bring in better returns. Fortunately, experts have declared what they believe are the trends for showers vs. bathtubs when it comes time to resell this year – and here’s what they say so we can end the shower vs bathtub resale value 2023.

shower vs bathtub resale value 2023 guide

The Resale Value of Shower vs. Bathtub in 2023

When it comes to home improvement, trends can be both the best and worst thing. Staying ahead of them can make your property more attractive when you list it on the market, but picking one that won’t last will cause a decrease in your resale value. Let’s investigate what kind of ROI showers versus bathtubs will bring in 2023 so that you don’t fall into this trap!

What's The Best Choice For Your Home

In the minds of industry experts, installing a shower instead of a bathtub can often result in higher returns on investment; however, that is even more true for space-constrained houses. By having showers instead of tubs in these properties, potential buyers will likely feel they’re getting better value out of their purchase due to increased usable square footage.

Yet there are still some cases where bathtubs may be the preferred choice – primarily households with small children or larger families who would benefit from one available location for bathing babies and toddlers.

When selecting between showers and bathtubs, it is vital to consider your tastes and potential buyers’ tastes. If you want to sell the house in a few years, installing a shower might be best; however, if you plan on staying for up to five or more years, investing in an extravagant tub could be wiser. Whichever option fits your situation should always remain at the forefront of decision-making!

modern grey bath with walk-in shower

Benefits And Downsides

Taking a shower offers considerable advantages over bathing. Not only do they require less time and energy, but their low-flow capabilities also help conserve water resources. Plus, if you’re looking to quickly clean up after physical activities such as exercise or outdoor play, showers provide an easier and more effective way to rinse off sweat or dirt particles without needing an entire tub full of water! Although showers can’t quite replicate a hot bath’s tranquility, they tend to be more cost-effective in the long run as you don’t have to pay for labor costs and materials while installing them. In addition, they require fewer maintenance fees than baths due to not having broken tiles or worn-out grouting material associated with them.

Increasing Your Home's Value No Matter The Choice

Do you want to add more worth to your home? Look no further than the bathroom – renovating it is a surefire way of increasing its market value. Whether you decide on installing a shower or bathtub, there is an array of tips and tricks that will help make this renovation project successful. Keep reading for some useful advice!
modern bath with copper tub

Try The Finest Quality Materials

When it comes to transforming your master bathroom, quality is of the utmost importance. Opting for premium materials will ensure that your shower and bathtub look beautiful, last longer, and are protected against any damage. While buyers may not prioritize having a single bathtub or just a shower stall, remember: top-notch materials generally cost more today but save you cash in the future!

Harness the Power of Design

Crafting the perfect design for your bathroom renovation is essential. Take sufficient time to establish what style you want before proceeding with any work. Furthermore, guarantee that it blends in with the remainder of your home’s decor; this will give a sense of unity across all rooms and ultimately make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Invest in Your Future

When selecting between a shower or a freestanding tub, it’s essential to consider the long-term costs of each. While showers are usually more cost-effective in the beginning, they require regular maintenance such as cleaning and sealing due to their small size; conversely, baths tend to be larger but may initially have greater upfront expenses than showers do. Ultimately both offer advantages that should be weighed before making your decision.


Both walk-in showers and freestanding soaking tubs add value to a home, but the amount of resale value really depends on what potential buyers are seeking in that moment. Fortunately, there are ways you can enhance your bathroom no matter which option you pick! If you require assistance with your bathroom renovation project, don’t hesitate to reach out—we would be delighted to help craft an area that is not only practical but also adds worthiness when it comes time for sale.