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Drywall Installation In Pasadena, CA

Enjoy reliable drywall installation in Pasadena, CA.

Two men installing a board of drywall on a wall structure.

Homeowners in Pasadena looking for drywall installation services can rest assured, our team has been the trusted experts in this field for years. By choosing us, you avoid the hassle of uneven finishes and enjoy the beauty of seamlessly installed walls that perfectly complement your home’s aesthetics.

Instead of dealing with the frustrations of cracks or poor installation, our professional touch ensures your walls are flawlessly smooth. 

With our expertise, homeowners in Pasadena get long-lasting results, transforming their spaces into models of modern elegance and comfort.

Drywall installation process.

Get Your Drywall Installed By Experts

Our exceptional service levels and the benefits we offer have revolutionized the industry, setting new quality standards. 

Take a look at the benefits we offer:

Why Professional Drywall Installation is a Good Investment

Investing in our professional drywall installation not only enhances your home’s aesthetic but also its overall market value. Imagine hosting a party and receiving countless compliments on how polished and modern your walls look – that’s the kind of daily benefits our service provides.

Main Benefits of Our Service

A well-done drywall installation can significantly boost your home’s resale value. It’s an investment that pays off if you decide to sell.
Properly installed drywall helps insulate your home more effectively, reducing heating and cooling costs and providing comfort year-round.
Our superior installation technique can improve the soundproofing of your rooms, making your home quieter and more peaceful.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Having Drywall Installed

When homeowners choose our drywall installation service, they often seize the opportunity to make additional upgrades to their homes. It’s a smart move to refresh and enhance their living spaces.

Most Common Home Upgrades:

Check Out Our Home Remodeling Finished Projects

Your home transformation could look just as impressive as the projects featured in our gallery below. These snapshots from past projects serve as the perfect inspiration for your own renovation. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

Before After remodeling-beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling afterremodeling before

Work Ethic And Dedication

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Drywall Installation Costs In Pasadena, CA

Drywall installation costs $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot of wall surface or $30 to $70 per sheet, including labor and materials for hanging, taping, and finishing. The cost to install a drywall ceiling is $1.50 to $3.80 per square foot.

The Top Drywall Manufacturers

Selecting the right manufacturer is key to ensuring the highest quality drywall for your home. Here are the top picks:
Selecting the right manufacturer is key to ensuring the highest quality drywall for your home. Here are the top picks:
Their products are known for exceptional strength and ease of installation, making them a favorite among professionals.
Offers a wide range of gypsum boards that meet various building requirements, ensuring versatility and reliability.
Their drywall products are designed for enhanced performance, offering solutions that are both functional and aesthetic.
With a focus on sustainability, their products deliver on quality while being environmentally responsible.

Real Testimonials From Residents In Pasadena, CA

We’re truly thankful for the wonderful feedback from our customers. Their satisfaction fuels our commitment to excellence. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:

Yessi Lopez


Jorge and his team are very professional. I hired them for our offices to paint and clean a few offices.

I was very impressed of what a perfectionists they were. Everything was clean and perfect. I highly recommend them they do not disappoint in any of their work. I would definitely hire them again.


Vicki Adler


This company built a beautiful wall for me, you might think – a beautiful wall – but that’s what I needed.
They built a decorative wall with permits and inspections in a timely manner. They were extremely professional in every manner. I would definitely use them again.

Benefits of Working With Us Here at CB Remodels

Working with CB Remodels means partnering with seasoned professionals dedicated to their craft. You’ll find our team not only skilled but also exceptionally polite and respectful, ensuring a positive and efficient project experience from start to finish.

Choosing us means your investment goes further. Our proficient team ensures the job is done right the first time, sidestepping the need for costly future repairs. It’s competent craftsmanship that pays off in the long run.
Your home will look more beautiful than you imagined. We pride ourselves on creating visually appealing designs that enhance your space’s functionality while reflecting your personal style. A beautiful home is within your reach.
Our unparalleled expertise is our biggest asset. With years in the field, we bring a wealth of knowledge and refined skills that can’t be easily replicated, ensuring your project is handled with the utmost proficiency and care.

3-Step Process For Smooth Collaboration

Choosing CB Remodels for your home renovation project means enjoying a simple, seamless process from start to end. We’ve broken it down into three easy steps to ensure you can relax and look forward to the results without the usual stress.
shaking hands



Share your vision, and we’ll sketch the blueprint for success together.
building process



Our skilled team brings your dream to life with precision and speed.



Step into your beautifully upgraded space and start making memories.

With us, you’re not just renovating; you’re making home improvement an effortless adventure.

Drywall Installation In Pasadena, CA - FAQs

For a standard project, you can expect us to complete the drywall installation, hanging drywall, and install drywall in 1 to 2 weeks. The timeline depends on the size of your home and the complexity of the job. 

We prioritize efficiency and quality, ensuring we get it right the first time without rushing the process. Our team pays attention to detail when working on drywall projects, making sure to address door or window corners, electrical boxes, window and door openings, outside corners, and the drywall compound. 

We also handle drywall lifts, window corners, protruding screw heads, paper backing, fasten panels securely with drywall screws, and apply the final coat of joint compound for a smooth finish.

Absolutely! Our team is equipped and experienced in managing both residential and commercial drywall installations. From hanging drywall to installing drywall sheets, we handle projects of all scales with the same level of dedication and craftsmanship. 

Whether it’s attaching drywall panels around door or window corners, working on exterior walls, or finishing drywall projects, we ensure precise workmanship. Our process includes using drywall compound and drywall tape to create seamless seams at window and door openings, outlet boxes, and electrical boxes. 

We pay attention to details like protruding screw heads, screw heads, inside corners, and outside corners to guarantee a smooth finish. Regardless of the project size, our team is ready to tackle all the drywall work needed, ensuring every drywall sheet, drywall knife, and drywall square is in place with care and precision.

We source our drywall from the top manufacturers renowned for their quality and durability. Each piece is inspected upon arrival, and we only use materials that meet our high standards.
Yes, our team is both licensed and insured, providing you with peace of mind. Our credentials are a testament to our commitment to professionalism and protecting our clients throughout the renovation process.
We stand confidently behind our work with a comprehensive warranty covering both materials and labor. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends well beyond the completion of the project.
Certainly! We encourage your input and collaboration throughout the design process. After all, it’s your home, and our goal is to bring your vision to life while offering professional guidance.
Preparing your home involves clearing the work area of furniture and valuables and ensuring that the space is accessible. We’ll provide detailed instructions prior to starting the project to make the process as smooth as possible.
The best way to kick off your project is to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, the scope of your project, and how we can help transform your space.

Guarantee Your Project's Success By Working With Us

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Investing in your home with our service is the smart choice you’ll wish you made sooner. It adds value, comfort, and style instantly. Choosing us means realizing the potential of your home.

We’re not just about renovations; we’re about transforming your living space efficiently and beautifully. Call (626) 598-0833 today and start the transformation with CB Remodels.

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Pasadena, CA, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and historic landmarks, is a prime location for homeowners and businesses alike. Home to the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium, the exquisite Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, and the celebrated annual Rose Parade, Pasadena offers a blend of tradition and modernity. Its rich architectural heritage and bustling community life make it an ideal setting for enhancing your property with expert drywall installation.