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Home Remodeling In Azusa, CA

Upgrade your home into the beautiful and functional property you know it can become with the help of our expert home remodeling services here in Azusa.

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Embrace the ease and assurance of expert home remodeling with us. Say goodbye to the headaches of inexperienced workmanship and enjoy flawless finishings that add value and comfort to your Azusa residence. Our services guarantee satisfaction without the costly do-overs.

Trust our professional touch to transform your living space efficiently. Homeowners in Azusa needn’t tolerate the disruption and errors from DIY attempts. Opt for our skilled team, and revel in the lasting beauty and functionality we deliver every time.

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Home Remodeling Stuffed With Benefits

In pioneering home remodeling in Azusa, we’ve ignited an industry revolution with unmatched service quality. Explore how we’ve redefined standards. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Home Remodeling Could Look as Great as These

Your home’s transformation could rival these stunning examples. Let these past projects inspire your remodel and envision the potential. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

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Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling beforeremodeling after
Before After remodeling afterremodeling before

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What Your Neighbors In Azusa Think About Us

Our customers’ satisfaction speaks volumes. We are deeply grateful for their glowing testimonials. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:

Miriam Garcia


Thank you Jorge Chavez Brothers Construction for an excellent work done at my home, the floor is beautiful and I really liked your work ethics and punctuality.

The work is so professionally done. Highly recommended.

Adriana Moreno


Excellent workmanship in all aspects of his work and attention to details. Strives to complete work to the highest standards in the industry! I have seen his work and highly recommend him. Young man with many years of experience !!!

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Home Remodeling Costs In Azusa

A home remodel’s price varies based on factors like space. In Pasadena, a basic 2,000 sq. ft. remodel starts at $150k, covering kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and repainting. For a mid-range remodel with wall changes, exterior painting, and new trim, expect $250k-$350k.

A high-end remodel involves renovating all rooms and adding an extension, costing around $400k+.

Project Type Scope/Features Cost Estimate
Basic Fireplace Redesign, New Flooring, Paint, 1 Bathroom Remodel, Lighting $73,000
Intermediate Wall Reconfiguration, New Flooring, Interior and Exterior Paint, Full Kitchen Remodel, Double-Bathroom Remodel, Trim and Lighting Reconfiguration $272,000
Premium Wall Reconfiguration, Bedroom Remodel, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel, New Flooring, New Paint, One-Room Addition $413,000

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Home Remodeling In Azusa, CA

Numerous elements play a role in shaping the overall cost of your home remodel. These factors ensure your project aligns with your unique vision and requirements.

Key Factors That Influence Home Remodeling Costs

By understanding these components, homeowners can better anticipate their home remodeling investment, avoiding unforeseen expenses and ensuring a smooth project flow. 

Our team stands ready to guide you through these considerations, delivering exceptional value and a transformed living space.

We Stick To Deadlines & Budgets

At CB Remodels, professionalism is paramount, providing accurate timelines and budget estimates with every home remodel project.

Our commitment to you is unequivocal. We respect the budget we initially set, avoiding hidden costs and financial surprises. You can rely on our upfront pricing and transparent cost analysis to ensure that the investment you make in your home aligns with the expectations we’ve agreed upon.

Rest assured, we prioritize project timelines, ensuring we complete your home remodel on or before the deadline. Our meticulous planning and efficient execution mean you can enjoy your renovated space sooner, without the all-too-common delays.

Home Remodeling Made Easy

Embark on a remodeling journey with us that’s clear-cut and stress-free from start to finish. Our streamlined 3-step process simplifies the path to your home’s transformation:
shaking hands



Lay the foundation of your project with personalized, expert guidance.
building process



Witness meticulous craftsmanship as we bring your vision to life.



Revel in the comfort and style of your newly remodeled home without any fuss.

FAQs About Home Remodeling In Azusa

A home remodel’s price is influenced by various factors, with the size of the space being crucial. For instance, a basic 2,000 sq. ft. home remodel in Pasadena typically starts at $150k, covering kitchen remodeling, a bathroom update, flooring replacement, and interior repainting.

Moving up to a mid-range remodel involves additional work like wall reconfiguration, exterior painting, and new trim, costing between $250k and $350k. 

A full high-end remodel encompasses renovating all rooms and adding a new section or room extension, totaling around $400k+ for a comprehensive transformation.

Cosmetic changes like cabinet updates or repainting in your home remodel don’t require a permit. But if you’re expanding by removing walls or adding new areas, you’ll need a permit. We’ll handle all the paperwork for you in those cases.
While most clients entrust us with material sourcing, we understand some prefer a hands-on approach. If you choose to procure materials yourself, note it may slow down the project as aligning suppliers and deliveries can be challenging against our set schedule.

A complete home remodel may not necessitate moving out if you have a sleeping area and bathroom available. Dust and debris will be controlled to reduce inconvenience during construction. 

However, if you lack accommodations, finding an alternative place during remodeling becomes essential.

Depending on your project’s scope, basic remodels like painting and flooring can take 2 weeks, while full home remodels may last 4-6 months. Regardless, we can find solutions to reduce lodging and travel costs.

We know it’s tough to budget for your dream home remodel. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Enhancify to provide flexible, affordable monthly financing options for any project. Get up to $250k fast, no prepayment penalties, no home equity needed. 

Fill out the form in seconds. Calculate your monthly payment and receive your tailored offer at https://www.enhancify.com/cb-remodels.

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Your Dream Home Is One Call Away

Investing in home remodeling with CB Remodels isn’t just a change — it’s an upgrade to your life quality. Don’t wait; discover the potential of your home now. 

You’ll get access to decades worth of expertise from our carpenters when we start your project. 

Reach out at (626) 598-0833 and let our dedicated team at CB Remodels steer your home project towards flawless completion.

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Azusa, CA, in the lively San Gabriel Valley, features attractions such as Azusa City Hall and the renowned Azusa Pacific University. With stunning views of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains and a range of outdoor activities at Azusa River Wilderness Park, the city blends urban charm with natural beauty.