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Bathroom Remodeling In Altadena, CA

Over time, bathrooms naturally become less efficient due to frequent use. This is a very common issue that homeowners stumble upon, and it’s most likely the reason they want a bathroom remodel. It’s usually a dated tile work, a tub that doesn’t match your needs anymore and is hard to access, or a vanity that’s warped and dented because of all the humidity and water damage. If you’re seeking solutions for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project in Altadena, CA, CB Remodels is here to offer comprehensive assistance and ensure your utmost satisfaction. We’re experts in remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, whole homes, and commercial spaces, and we proudly serve Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, and more of CA.
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Jorge Chavez – Owner of CB Remodels

Hi, I’m Jorge Chavez, the owner of CB Remodels. Through each remodeling project, we help you build a better future for your family. I’m here to be the best servant possible and get you an upgrade without too much stress and hassle in your day-to-day life. Your home is a place where you can be yourself – so I believe that feeling comfortable in your home is essential for your well-being.

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Get A Smooth Bathroom Remodeling Journey

If there’s one thing you want to avoid when you’re remodeling your bathroom (or any other room), is working with a fly-by-night contractor. At CB Remodels, you’re our #1 priority throughout the job!

Get ready to enjoy:

Get Inspiration From Our Portfolio!

Discover the allure of exquisite bathrooms and let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities for your personal haven.

Work Ethic And Dedication

In-house Team Of Professionals

Daily On-Site and Online Updates

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If you want to learn more about your bathroom remodel or get a free quote to start your project, please fill out the form or contact us at (626) 598-0833. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

Hundreds of your neighbors here in Altadena and surrounding areas love working with us. Here are some of their stories.

Yessi Lopez


Jorge and his team are very professional. I hired them for our offices to paint and clean a few offices.

I was very impressed of what a perfectionists they were. Everything was clean and perfect. I highly recommend them they do not disappoint in any of their work. I would definitely hire them again.


Vicki Adler


This company built a beautiful wall for me, you might think – a beautiful wall – but that’s what I needed.
They built a decorative wall with permits and inspections in a timely manner. They were extremely professional in every manner. I would definitely use them again.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost In Alhambra, CA

Elevate your bathroom experience with our unparalleled renovation services in Altadena, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our prices range from $20,000 to $70,000, catering to both small and large spaces. Indulge in luxurious features such as heated floors and exquisitely tiled glass walk-in showers. Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of successful projects, spanning from $10,000 to $90,000, ensuring that we can bring your vision to life, no matter the size of your budget.

What influences the bathroom remodeling cost:

Bathroom size Square feet Average cost
3' x 5' 15 $1,800 – $4,100
4' x 6' 24 $1,900 – $4,400
4' x 8' 32 $3,900 – $8,800
5' x 7' 35 $4,200 – $9,600
5' x 8' 40 $4,900 – $10,900
5' x 9' 45 $5,500 – $12,300
5' x 10' 50 $6,100 – $13,700
6' x 6' 36 $4,400 – $9,900
6' x 8' 48 $5,900 – $13,100
6' x 9' 54 $6,600 – $14,800
6' x 10' 60 $7,300 – $16,400
7' x 9' 63 $7,700 – $17,200
8' x 8' 64 $7,800 – $17,500
8' x 10' 80 $9,800 – $21,900
9' x 10' 90 $11,000 – $24,600
10' x 10' 100 $12,200 – $27,400
10' x 12' 120 $14,700 – $32,800
11' x 9' 99 $12,100 – $27,100
12' x 13' 156 $19,000 – $42,800
Item Average cost
Fixtures $300 – $2,500
Showers $400 – $4,000
Vanity $300 – $3,000
Countertops $200 – $1,000
Light fixture $50 – $300
Exhaust fan $30 – $350
Flooring $300 – $1,800
Doors & windows $200 to $1,500
Paint $50 – $200
Mirror $30 – $500
Plumbing $400 – $2,000
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84 sq. ft Master Bathroom Remodel in Brea, CA

This bathroom remodeling project included:

The project was quoted at $46,368, where the luxurious 24”x24”x3/8” porcelain tile was the most expensive item, at $4,179.

*Prices may vary based on labor and material costs. Reach out to us for a precise estimate for your bathroom remodeling project.

A Remodel Where You Don't Worry About Anything

No more remodeling stress! We’ve addressed homeowners’ top concerns with hassle-free solutions.
Bathrooms present a smart investment option, offering substantial ROI and inherent value. Our team specializes in delivering affordable upgrade solutions and flexible financing plans, safeguarding your savings.
Your time is invaluable to us, and we prioritize efficiency to ensure minimal delays at the job site. Our ultimate goal is to complete your project within the specified timeframe, allowing you to enjoy your new space while we seamlessly transition to our next endeavor.

Your Stress-Free Remodel Is Here

We have carefully designed our process to prioritize your comfort and well-being. Our ultimate objective is to guarantee that you fully enjoy this upgrade!
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Contact us to share your vision, and we’ll get you the best solution for your new bath!
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We’ll help you choose the design and materials and get to work promptly.


Enjoy a 5-year workmanship warranty and our unlimited support.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Pasadena, our bathroom remodeling projects typically fall within the price range of $32k to $35k. This range covers the cost of a 3-piece bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a hallway bathroom.

For a more upscale bathroom renovation, the budget typically ranges from $40k to $65k. And if you’re aiming for a truly luxurious high-end bathroom, the cost will usually exceed $75k.

If there are any changes to the electrical circuits or plumbing, or if structural work such as wall removal or relocation is being done, a permit will be necessary. However, for cosmetic remodels, no permit is required. Rest assured, we will take care of all the permit acquisition and paperwork so you can relax and have peace of mind.
While we have the trust of many clients to source materials for their projects, we recognize that some prefer to take on the task themselves. If you decide to source your own materials, please keep in mind that it may potentially hinder project progress, as coordinating suppliers and deliveries with our schedule can be quite challenging. Rest assured, we are here to support you every step of the way.
A comprehensive bathroom remodel typically takes around 3-4 weeks to complete, encompassing everything from the initial demolition phase to the final finishing touches. However, please note that the duration may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific materials and design choices you decide to go with.
arge bathroom with shower and tub

Get The Best On The Job And Ensure A Lasting Investment

As time goes on, the task of getting your new bathroom becomes increasingly daunting. At CB Remodels, we wholeheartedly devote ourselves to putting our clients’ needs and projects first. Our goal is to offer budget-friendly solutions for your bathroom renovation, guaranteeing affordability, long-lasting craftsmanship, and a timeless design that seamlessly complements your lifestyle and personal style.

If we’ve convinced you to get the remodel you’ve been dreaming of, give us a ring at (626) 598-0833 or request a quote from the button below, and we’ll circle back within a business day.

(takes 1-2 min)


Stefanie Estes


We worked with Jorge on a bathroom remodel and it was a wonderful experience. He is so professional, does fantastic work, and has great communication. His team is equally professional and reliable. Jorge and his team were always happy to answer questions and explain things to us.

Jorge checked in with us at the end of each day and let us know what the plan was for the following day’s work. When you are faced with a stressful remodel, having a contractor and a team that openly communicates and explains things to you is so helpful. They did amazing work on our bathroom and were always so friendly! Looking forward to working with Jorge and his team in the future!


Belle Mann


We have done a lot of renovations in several different houses over the years, and CB Remodels was among the very best we have worked with. They were very clear about what and how they were going to work, they were always there when they said they would be, and they did a beautiful job! 

They asked our opinions often and changed what they were doing according to our wishes. George and his crew were a delight to work with–we will call them again when we need any work done in our house. We feel so lucky to have worked with them, they made it easy and quick. 

They did all the work themselves, so there were no wasted days waiting for the subs to show up. Thank you George and crew for your great work!

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